Save WillPower

The password manager for people who struggle with willpower.
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Lots of evidence shows that adding just a 15 minute delay before you're able to giver in to cravings, makes you much more likely to resist temptation. Unfortunately modern social media such as Facebook and Twitter can be just as addictive as drugs and alcohol for some people. Save WillPower aims to help you take a break from these distractions.

How It Works

1 - Add the account

First, you add the account you want to protect to Save WillPower. We can store your username and password securely for you.

2 - Update your password

Next, you use the password generator built in to Save WillPower to generate a new password. You copy this password, and use it to update the password of the account you wish to protect.

3 - Lock the account

Finally, lock the account in Save WillPower, and we will enfoce your chosen delay, so you have time to think before you give in to craving.

4 - Unlock the account

When you really want to access the account, simply click the unlock button, and then wait for the timer to complete. We'll give you your password back, and you can use it to log in.

Key Features


Accounts are securely encrypted within your browser, using the latest encryption standards. We never see your password or any of your account details. All we can tell is how many accounts you have and whether they are locked or not.

No Loopholes

Once you lock an account, there is no way to unlock it without waiting for the timer. We don’t have any loopholes, so you can’t change your mind if your willpower fails you.


You can use this along with blocking apps, like Cold Turkey, but unlike blocking apps, you cannot circumvent our blocks by simply using a different computer/phone or using a proxy website. As long as you generate a secure password in Save WillPower, and don't memorise it, you will be securely locked out until the timer expires.

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